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The person who never made a mistake, he never tried anything new, it was said by Albert Einstein.

E=MC² This formula was invented by Einstein, which is used to make atomic bomb, for which he also received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Albert Einstein Life Story

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in the city of UIM, Germany. Einstein’s father’s name was Hermann Einstein. Who was an engineer and salesman.

When Einstein was born, his head was big according to his body. Einstein when he was a child, he did not speak much.The normal child starts speaking in 2 years, but Einstein took 4 years to speak. And could not speak properly for 9 years, due to which his parents started worrying about him a lot.

Einstein did not play with the children of his age, he always waited for Sunday because his father used to take him to a quiet place on Sunday. Sitting at the place where his father used to take them to roam, he used to look at trees and the sun and wondered how this world would go on.

Due to his inability to speak properly, he started going to school too late. He used to think that school is a place where there is no freedom. There was a reason behind this, when the teacher had read something about him, he would not easily accept his words. Because they thought that the teacher still had incomplete knowledge.

Because of which he used to do lots of cross questions with the teachers and the teacher also used to bother him a lot. And many teachers started saying retarded to Einstein.

Einstein Life’s Changing Moments

One day he asked from his teacher how can I develop my intelligence, then he said that
“Practice is the key to success”. From that day it happened that the life changed itself. Einstein kept working very hard and he achieved success in Math and Physics. And after that Einstein made a lot of discoveries. Like theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein also has a big contribution in all the facilities we are getting through internet. Einstein proved that even if a retarded person works hard, he can achieve everything in this world.

Albert Einstein used to prepare his entire research thinking in mind. Einstein was also offered the presidency of Israel, but he declined very politely. The American government was so afraid of Einstein’s talent that he used to put a spy agent behind him so that his research could not be misused.

Once, a pathologist stole Einstein’s brain during Autopsy trial to find out that he was an intellectual. Einstein devoted his entire life to the good life of humans. He died on 18 April 1955.

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