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We are going to talk about a person who is from Tollywood is Brahmanandam.It has appeared in more than 1100 films. If he is not in the film, then the film looks a bit sad. He has GUINNESS WOLRD RECORD most screen credit for a living actor. If it is not in the film, then the film looks a bit sad. And today he is one of the highest paid comedy actor.


This story begins on 1 February 1956 when BRAHMANANDAM was born in SATTENAPALLI NAGAR in ANDHRA PRADESH. Brahmanandam had a lot of interest in acting since childhood, but there was no one to guide him how he go in acting line. And so he continued his studies from childhood and later became a teacher.


However, even after becoming a teacher, his acting spirit did not end and he started auditioning mostly. He also greatly improved his acting and his talent was recognized by Jandhyala Subramanya. In the 1986 movie Shantabai, he gave a small role. Then after that he started working in many films because there was a lot of talent inside brahamandam.


South’s superstar Chiranjeevi was also very happy with his work and Because of that he also work. That is why he appeared in several movies of South’s superstar Chiranjeevi. In the 90s, he got many roles to do such a friend comedy too.

And now his image had become such that after the role of the hero, the main role was his own. Even though he used to do comedy, his role is such that he used to make people laugh with his comedy even in dangerous situations.


He kept making people happy with his acting and he had won many awards. LIKE NANDI AWARD, for ANNA movie he got NANDI AWARD for best supporting actor, and many award LIKE FILMFARE AWARD and CINEMA AWARD. He paid 1crore for 1 film and his networth is across 350 crore which is not possible for any side actor or comedy actor.

So this was the story of the Comedy King of Tollywood. And speaking of his personal life, his wife’s name is Lakshmi Gautam and they also have two children named Siddharth Gautam and Raja Gautam.

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