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And when Ajit was born, India had become independent. Everyone wanted to contribute to make India a strong country. He did his early studies from Ajmer Military School. And after completing school, in 1967, he obtained an economic degree from University of Agra.

Ajit Doval Patriotism For India

If Ajit wanted, he could do any job but he list to be IPS for the country. Then after 1 year of hard work, in 1968, IPS in Kerala got selected in the batch. And for the next 4 years, he did many things for the country. Then in 1972 Ajit Doval joined the Intelligence Bureau. And then while working here, he gave a lot of secret information to India.

Ajit Doval Good Works

And as an intelligence agent, he worked and live in Pakistan for 7 years. And while there, he also helped the Indian Security Agency. In every plane hijack in India from 1971 to 1999, Ajit Doval spoke to Hijackers. And In the case of the Kandahar plane hijack in 1999, he went to talk to Hijacker. In 1988, when the Golden Temple of Amritsar was captured by some terrorist

To save people, Operation Black Thunder was imposed here which was done with the consent of Ajit. After the attack on the army in the Northeast, they planned to conduct surgical strikes and killed the terrorist. It was because of the decision of Ajit Doval in 1996 that the foundation for voting was laid in Kashmir. He has also been Founder and Chairman of Multi Agency Center and Joint Task Force on Intelligence while staying in Intelligence bureau.

31 July 2004 to 31 January 2005.

From 31 July 2004 to 31 January 2005. He has also served as the director of IB. However, after working here, he decided to take retirement. Even after retirement, Ajit Doval is always ahead in the security related issues. In 2014 They was added as National Security Advisor.

And then rescued 46 Indian women trapped in Iran. In 2016, the credit for planned those surgical strikes also goes to Ajit doval. And when Wing Commander Abhinandan accidentally reached Pakistan in 2019, it was Ajit Doval who reminded India that everyone is ready to do it. Ajit Doval who reminded that India is ready to fight every situation. Recently the removal of Article 370 in Kashmir. He has played an important role in controlling the situation there.

Even after 74 years, Even today he is seen serving India. And till now all his works are seen, then there is nothing wrong in calling him the James Bond of India.

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