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Heath Ledger Mostly Favorite villain. Getting famous with a Positive role is easy and common. But Heath Ledger was the one and only man Who makes his place in peoples hearts with negative role.


heath ledger photo, heath ledger - biography - mrkrishnamania. mrkrishnamania
(source: https://pin.it/7vkznvaoigtf6z)

This story begins on 4 April 1979 when heath ledger was born in the city of Perth, Australia. His mother’s name is Sally ledger bell who was a French teacher. And his father’s name was Kim ledger, a car race driver. His starting study is from Mary’s Mount Primary¬†School.


Later Guildford Grammar School, where he had his first acting experiences. Starring in a school production as Peter Pan at the age of 10. He also had a lot of interest in Chess, he won Australia’s junior Chess championship.

And when he was 11 years old, his parents got divorced and this shock was very much in his life.

Then in 1992 he worked in “Clowning Around” and in 1993 “ship to shore” in a TV series. He played a small role in many TV series. He drop studies at the age of 17 to pursue a career in acting and started concentrating fully in acting.

And fortunately in 1996, he got a chance in the Sweet TV Series. After this, he did another TV series Home and Away which got him his real identity and people started to know him. And he left several TV series to come to Hollywood and then.


When he got a roll in “Things I Hate About”. And he did many movie like The Patriot, monster ball, knight tale and Lord of dog town.


The final movie of his career gave him the most recognition, the name of that movie is “The Dark Knight”. He played a roll of joker in this film and he worked very hard to get a role in this movie.

He himself painted Joker on his face and kept it locked in a hotel room. So that he can understand that role deeply. In one scene of movie, he said to hit him in real so that the film scene looking not fake.

Seeing the face makeup of the heath ledger in a scene of the film. The other actor who had to play the roll with Heath ledger he got horrified and forgot his line. Heath ledger was liked by many peoples after the release of this film and they became popular.

But sadly, he died on 22 January 2008, 6 months before the movie’s release date. The cause of his death was a drugs. And he was the first actor to receive a Golden Globe Award for playing for a comic.

Sadly, he was not there to hold the award. If we talk about his personal life, he married Michelle Williams and have a daughter Matilda Ledger. He is not alive but his character will always remain in the minds of the people.

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