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Mr Bean is famous worldwide and he is a favorite of the people. His real name is “Rowan Sebastian Atkinson”

Mr Bean Life Story

The story begins on 6 January 1955 when Mr Bean was born in England. His father was a farmer and his mother a housewife. Mr. Bean is the youngest of his brothers. He was very shy as a child but still enjoyed making others laugh. They used to make people laugh by making different kinds of face. He watched a comedy serial in childhood but had not yet thought of acting or comedy.

Mr Bean was a good student and wanted to become an engineer. He obtained an electrical degree in B.Tech from Newcastle University. In 1975, he took admission in Queens College Oxford to do MSc in Electrical Engineering.

Turning point of his life

Meanwhile, Mr Bean was asked to write a sketch and perform. Mr. Bean A had a compression in the first drama but was never written. After watching his sketch, he felt that he could do vision comedy very well and thought he could make a career in vision comedy.

In college, he met Rechard Curtis, who was a writer and Howard, who was music composer. The three together started making sketches and plays, people were very fond of this work of theirs. After watching one of his plays, a producer gave him a chance to work in a TV series.

Mr Bean Life Good Time

Mr Bean had two routes, either he could join the TV series or continue with friends. He choose tv series because they thought it was risky but if they did well in it, they could get a lot of success. He got a TV show “NOT THE 9 O’CLOCK” and this TV show was very successful. Because of this serial people praised him and people liked him.

The next show they got was “Black Adder” and that blackadder co-writer was his college friend Richard Curtis. And this show was a huge hit. And slowly slowly he getting popular so much in public. Everyone like him.

The show in which Roman was named Mr Bean

After some time a director named mr.ban came to Mr Bean with a script. And it was a visual comedy named “CHEATING” this comedy without any dialogue It was only after this comedy that Mr. Bean became a character that is known by everyone around the world today.

After this, he did many films named NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, DEAD ON TIME, JOHNY ENGLISH and JOHNY ENGLISH REBORN etc Talking about his personal life, he married in 1990, he has a boy and a girl. But due to some reason, in 2014 he took the Divorce.

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