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Hima Das (Golden Girl) a girl who won five gold medals for her and india in just 19 days.

Hima Das life story

This story starts from January 9, 2000. when Hima Das was born in the village of Dhing, Nagao district in Assam. Her father’s name is Ranjit Das which is a very simple farmer. Her mother’s name is Jonali Das which is also farmer. If people are counted in the family of Hima Das, then they are 16 people. Therefore the expenditure is high and the income is less so that they have to face the poverty.

she did his early studies with the government school of the village and he liked football at school, not running. And she used to play football with the school boys. Once the school teacher said, she started running practises daily and she ran very well according to the Sprint Runner. And in 2017 he went to take part in a camp in Guwahati. And then when Hema Das was running, Nipun Das noticed and saw that Hima was running very fast even after wearing cheap shoes. Nipun Das used to work like a coach there. And they understood that Hima is a girl, who will get gold medal for india. Hima is a girl who can illuminate the name of India.

Hima Das life changing moment.

Nipurn coach went to Hima’s village to get permission for training with him in Guwahati. But her parents refused due to the shortage of money. The coach told them that he will pay everything from her side. His parents agreed. During training, Hema Das’s stamina was very good.
In April 2018, At Commonwealth Games in Australia she represent India in a 4x400m Race. But her team achieved 7th place at Final.

Hima Das good time.

After this at TAMPERE FINLAD WORLD U20 She won the Gold Medal in a 400m Race and become the first women from India to win a International Track Race. After this her striks of Medals started. In some times at JAKARTA, INDONESIA (ASIAN GAMES) She won 2Gold medals and 1 Silver Medal. From Here she started making name of India all over the Globe.

Then in just 19days (Dates: 2, 7, 13, 17, & 20 July) in Poland. The Czech republic Games she Won 5 Gold Medals for India. And in Past year at 25 September 2018ima DasDas Hima Dash was also got Awarded by Indian government with Arjun Award. we believe that Hima Das will continiue to win such medals in future

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