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Priyanka Chopra is one of the famous bollywood and Hollywood actress. She is now a big Celebrity but at her childhood the story was different.

Priyanka Chopra Life Story

This story begins on July 18, 1982 when Priyanka Chopra was born in Jamshedpur, a city in Bihar. Her father’s name is Ashok Chopra and mother’s name is Madhu Chopra. They worked as physician in army, And because of this, their transfer could have been from one city to another. Because of this, Priyanka’s childhood was also in different cities. Like Chandigarh, Delhi and Lucknow and many places. But due to spending more time in Bareilly, the bank considers it to be its hometown.

She start her studies LA MARTINIERE GIRLS SCHOOL, LUCKNOW and ST. MARIA GORETTI COLLEGE BAREILLY. And then she going America where he continue her study in NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS CEDAR RAPIDS SCHOOL and she also learned dance and Kathak. Her classmates teases her for their brown body colour and calling them browny. And she is very shy that time. After 3 years of studying in America, India came back and completed its education from the Army Public School in Bareilly.

Priyanka Chopra’s Life Changing Moment

In a beauty contest, Priyanka’s mother asked Priyanka to Particiapate and Priyanka did it and she stood on the expectations of her mother and she won the contest. After the success of Priyanka’s success, she stepped in to great success. In 2000, she participated in FAMINA MISS INDIA and reach 2nd position later, she won MISS WORLD TITLE and illuminated the name of India. Then Priyanka got offers from films too, and that’s why she did not complete her studies of Bachelor and in 2002 she doing a Tamil film. And she debut in Bollywood by the film THE HERO. And after that she doing many hit movies and she tells her idol is her father. Who died in 2013 because of cancer. And she married with NICK JONAS.

In 2017, according to forbes she is one of the most powerful women in top 100 powerful women.
And Priyanka Chopra open her a Foundation which name was THE PRIYANKA CHOPRA FOUNDATION HEALTH AND EDUCATION. This Foundation work for poor childern’s health and education

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