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RajKumar Rao One of the best actor and inspiration person. The guy who prove the world they we just need talent connections in Bollywood not compulsory.

Rajkumar Rao Life story Begins

In 31 August 1984 in a city of GURGAON RajKumar Rao born. His family’s all members love to watch movies especially at Sunday. Because of this RajKumar Rao got a attraction towards movie and acting. He done his starting study from BLUE BELLS MODEL SR. SEC. SCHOOL. While came in 10th class he completely decided to become an actor. His idol was sharukhan. Because sharukhan become an successful actor in Bollywood without having any connections in Bollywood.

And further he got a Arts degree from ATMA RAM SANATAN DHARMA COLLEGE on other hand with this he join KSHITIJ REPERTORY AND SHRI RAM CENTRE THEATERS to improve his acting. He travels a lot to Handel both his acting and study together because of return to home at late night. He try to get knowledge from everywhere. That’s why his acting seems so realistic. After graduation he join FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA to learn much better acting. Then he went to Mumbai ( the city of dream ) but for a long time he didn’t get any role that’s why he was depressed. He went from one casting director to another casting director. But after 1 year and 6 months, he could not get any work.

Rajkumar Rao’s life changing moment

He wasn’t getting work or role. But he never give up and finally in 2010 he got a small role in RANN MOVIE. This role was so small according to his talent but somewhere finally his career started. After this he saw advertising of DIRECTOR in which he read that they need a new actor. Without wasting time he goes for audition and got selected because of hi talent. Then he got a role in LSD movie then one by one he got a lots of movie like RANGI MMS, GANGS OF WASSEYPUR – 2, TALAASH, KAI PO CHE, SHAHID and Many more and more to come. And he got 3 Filmfare Award, National Film Award, and More.

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